Organic Bread

Our flour comes from Shipton Mill which is an artisan Millers based in the Cotswold, Gloucestershire. You will pay a little more for our bread, but you will know what is in there is 100% natural, all organic and you will know that it has been made by a skilled baker with care and attention and pride.

There is a real difference in the taste of bread when you use organic flour as it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides and none of the goodness of the wheat has been removed. None of our breads contain any preservatives or additives or anti-ageing enzymes.

Yeasted Loaves


Cakes and Sweet Treats

Cakes and Sweet Treats

We love making cakes at Archipelago and always use the best ingredients we can. However, we agree that a little less sugar in cakes won’t harm anyone and neither is it noticeable so our aim is to use less sugar in all of our cakes as well as offering alternatives to sugar in the cakes such and offer a good selection of free-free sugar cakes/tray bakes. We make a wide variety of cakes and tray bakes including dairy-free, wheat/sugar-free and vegan.

The list is often changing due to the baker’s whim and also depending what is in season. We are always creating, experimenting and trying new recipes to delight our customers! We are always open to suggestions and always on hand to offer advice!



At Archipelago Artisan Bakery we also make a wide range of savoury goods such as savoury tarts, spanakopita, stuffed med veg breads and veggie sausage rolls or vegan samosas.

All our flour is organic and we use local produce where possible.