Refurbishment News!

We are currently undertaking a refurbishment of the bakery and if all goes as planned we should be open again on Monday 19th June. Keep the fingers crossed!

This will mean a slightly different layout, but will hopefully provide more space for tables and chairs so we can get some more people in! We hope to move the big fridge into the bakery and then move the counter and coffee machine to the back wall. We also hope to create a retail shelving area so you will be able to buy some of my very low-sugar jams, home-made chutneys, truffles, rye crispbreads, oatcakes, spelt crackers, treats and perhaps a few other things such as Archipelago customised aprons and some chopping boards with our logo on them!

More space should allow us to hold some pop-up feasts held by my sister under Hidden Kitchen and if I ever find enough time then Baking Classes can be done in the space at the front!

We will close from 14th June to 18th June and with luck open our doors again on Monday 19th June! Watch this space!