Our Bread

Our Bread

Our Bread

We are passionate about our bread at Archipelago! Bakeries using organic flour are few and far between and this was one of the main reasons for setting up the bakery back in 2014. Bread had somehow attained a bad reputation and was seen as an evil food or bad carbohydrate. If anything, it’s quite the opposite and bread made with quality ingredients is a really good source of fibre and vitamins. We do not use any preservatives, additives or softeners. Archipelago Bakery is about real bread made by hand every day, using organic flour and traditional methods. We have a wide range of yeasted loaves and sourdoughs and always adding more to the selection to keep customers happy!

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Yeasted Loaves

Whilst our sourdough has a very loyal fan base we recognise that there is something extremely comforting from a crusty white bloomer and a farmhouse wholemeal brown loaf of bread. We prepare our dough for our yeasted loaves the day before. This means long fermentation time, better flavour and they last much longer. We do not use proving ovens or warm water and so this further enhances the flavour of the loaf and gives it a slightly longer shelf-life.

We make a wide selection of yeasted loaves and on a daily basis you will find the following:

  • White Bloomer
  • Pain de Campagne
  • Combine Harvester made with our wholemeal organic spelt flour/porridge oats/flax seed and sunflower seeds
  • Carrot and Pumpkin seed or Carrot and Sunflower seed
  • Malted Multiseed containing 5 different types of seeds
  • Wholemeal Walnut
  • Tomato/Rosemary/Black Olive
  • Ballymaloe Brown
  • Dark German seeded rye or German Volkorn
  • We also make Caroline’s own sodabread recipe once or twice a week which is always a sell-out!


We are huge fans of sourdough and believe that anything fermented is good for the body! Not only that, sourdough is delicious! The ‘sour’ in the sourdough is the by-product of the bacteria in the dough when you get the right concentration. This acidity or the ‘sourness’ provides an excellent flavour. We do a wide range of sourdoughs and all are 100% pure which means we do not add any yeast and they are leavened entirely from wild yeast and bacteria.

On a regular basis we have the following 100% sourdoughs in the bakery:

  • White Sourdough
  • Wholemeal Spelt
  • Wholemeal Brown
  • Apple and oat
  • Walnut,Hazelnut and Raisin
  • Tomato and Rosemary
  • Beetroot
  • Dark Rye
  • German Seeded Rye
  • Coriander and Orange Rye
  • Apple and cinnamon
  • New York Rye

We also sell our handmade French baguettes and a wide selection of rolls every day.

We have a great team who are all passionate and enthusiastic about what we do and producing the best quality they can. Reputation and customer satisfaction is at the top of our list and we do everything we can to achieve this on a daily basis.