Christmas is coming!

It only feels like yesterday that we were in full swing with Edinburgh Festival but somehow we are in mid-November and Christmas is looming! We love Christmas in Archipelago and start to get excited about all the Christmas treats we are going to make and bag up to sell! On the cards for this year are some spiced ginger biscuits, mini salted caramel Florentines, mini choc chip cookies, spiced Christmas stars and a whole lot more! Caroline is slowly getting round to making large vats of her low sugar jams to sell on the shelves as well so watch this space! Also testing out some roasted squash ketchup but if it’s anything like the first sample batch then we will definitely be selling this in the bakery!

We are also making Christmas cakes to order this year and have a selection of three to choose from so take your pick from the following and if you want one before the big day then get in touch:

Classic Christmas Cake which is stuffed full of vine fruits some citrus zest and a little bit of brandy;

Creole Christmas Cake which has a lot more fruit and is very boozy – my personal choice although I don’t know what that says about me; and,

Italian Chocolate Nut which is a break from tradition and won’t last as long as the fruity ones but it’s delicious served up for afternoon tea or as a pud with some vanilla ice-cream.

Anyway, if you fancy one of the above then email Caroline on [email protected] or get in touch on 07932 462 715 or place your order in the bakery next time you are passing!